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Cambridge Lawncare Guide To Mowing Your Lawn

If you have a lawn you will own a mower, but are you using it in the best way to help achieve your lawn's potential?

If you strive for a great lawn the importance of mowing should not be underestimated, the sports played on perfect looking turf will be cut daily in the growing season and the benefits show. However, for even the most enthusiastic homeowner this is simply far too much and perhaps unnecessary.

A weekly mow can provide the same benefits of keeping the appearance vibrant and maintaining the plant in healthy condition. Occasionally during high growth periods, you may increase this frequency to help manage the quick growth. As the climate has changed the mowing season has changed, mild winters means that grass is growing almost constantly albeit at slower rates. Basically, if it's growing, keep on mowing.

Having your mower set at the correct height of cut will also play a big part in how your lawn will look. To short will scalp and leave the sward thin, to long can encourage creeping grasses to spread uncontrollably. For the average lawn mown with a rotary mower a height of 40-50mm, mown with a cylinder mower 25-35mm. A fine lawn would be cut a little tighter, rotary 25-35mm and cylinder 20-30mm.

Try to avoid mowing during the heat of the day or excessively hot periods, this will cause the grass to become stressed & dry very quickly turning it brown. Cooler times if the day are best.

Lastly, ensure your mower is well maintained with sharp blades. This is especially important for rotary mowers as the blades can become rounded & blunt quickly.

Simple steps but get it right and reap the rewards.

If you live in Cambridgeshire and you'd like any advice on managing your Lawn, then feel free to call Cambridge Lawncare on 01954 270037.

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