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Why and When Should You Scarify Your Lawn - Cambridge Lawncare

At Cambridge Lawncare one of the most common questions we get asked by customers with Lawns in Cambridge that need scarifying, is why and when this should be done.

All lawns over time build up a thatch layer, it is beneficial to your lawns health until it becomes too thick. More than around 10mm of thatch starts to harm the grass by trapping moisture and preventing it reaching the soil. This in turn stops vital nutrients & air reaching the grass roots along with creating perfect conditions for moss to thrive.

Scarification by a fixed bladed machine will prune the grass and remove material (moss, thatch, grass) from the surface of your lawn. By removing this material, you can let the soil to breathe again. This will promote healthy re-growth by allowing air, water and lawn treatments to reach the soil profile.

The scarification process can be carried out at the beginning and during the growing season provided you have good growing conditions for your lawn to recover. If leaving it until the autumn a light run through is best as growth is slowing down which means recovery can take longer if the weather becomes cool.

If you're looking to keep your lawn in top condition you should be scarifying every year. For the average lawn scarifying every 2-3 years can maintain thatch levels, you will however need to be a little more aggressive than if doing every year.

Lawns in very poor condition with thick moss and thatch will need a renovation scarify. This is a severe process and will take a longer period to recover from. Usually if your lawn requires such action it will be paired with over seeding and topdressing. During renovations, a thicker blade is used on the machine to drive through the lawn into the soil profile. This creates space for the seed, then cover it with topdressing to maximise germination.

If you live in Cambridgeshire and you would like to get your Lawn in top condition, then why not give us a call at Cambridge Lawncare and find out how we can help restore your Lawn.

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